We particularly look for technology or knowledge based businesses that are growing or need to be turned around. Innovation and technology are our priorities when it comes to start-ups – the rest we can help with.

We have expertise in the following sectors:


Green/clean tech

Materials and chemistry

Healthcare and life sciences

Apart from the market opportunity and competitive advantage, the critical component we look for is the outlook of the founders and management, and whether we believe we can work successfully as a team.

Ideally the stage of business is trading with early revenues or validation, or it could be a more mature business looking for acceleration.

Our unique ‘Venturer’ model means that we find executives with appropriate sector expertise, who are able to provide support and connections to the management team. The Venturer also invests in the business, thus aligning all stakeholders. We engage with Venturers as soon possible in the process so help us and the management of the business to assess the fit.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin 


If you want to know more about securing investment or becoming an investor get in touch.