What Investment has published the latest news from Boundary Capital’s portfolio company AB Polyblok.

Boundary Capital investment company AB-Polyblok has today filed a patent application following the results of in-vitro & in-vivo experiments that have shown that their drug appears to reverse the effects of the key misfolded proteins associated with all three dementia diseases states.

AB-Polyblok Limited (ABP) was formed in 2016 to develop and exploit a specific drug initially in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.  They secured funding from the venture capital company Boundary Capital originally in March 2016 and a follow-on round in March 2017.

Spurred on by experimental data that indicated that the drug could reverse the suppression of potentiation in brain cells induced by misfolded Amyloid Beta proteins, ABP decided to investigate whether the drug was capable of eliciting the same response with other proteinopathy based dementia diseases such as Huntingdon’s and Parkinson’s.

You can read the full article here.

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