BC image_scan

– Image Scan –

AIM listed manufacturer of x-ray detection devices, particularly for portable security.

– Echion Technologies –

Unique materials for next generation batteries for longer charge and longer life.

– Enigma Recovery –

File retrieval SaaS software for mobile devices.

– Dymag –

Carbon fibre high-performance wheels.

BC starbon-logo
– Starbons –

Mesoporous carbon-based new material for catalysis filtering, university spin-out.

– Glyconics –

Disruptive medical diagnostics focusing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

– Desktop Genetics –

Disruptive genome editing software.

– Torsion IS –

Confident data access control for sprawling access to files and folders.

– Inductosense –

Wireless, battery-free sensors for industrial harsh environments.

– AB Polyblok –

Ground-breaking technology for countering the plaques which cause Alzheimer’s Disease.

DONSEED_LOGO_SIMPLE_2015-02– Donseed –

Biometric Workplace Management Solutions.

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– Toxibact –

Revolutionary new microbial with anti-resistance technology, for use on all bacteria and fungi.

– Inotec AMD

Advanced oxygen-based woundcare for accelerated healing


Never looked better

"Boundary Capital provided expertise in the form of a Venturer who helped to transform our company well before they invested. Now that they have invested, the prospects of the business have never looked better."
CEO, PurePotions
Things are looking good

"It has been a rollercoaster ride, and Boundary supported us all the way with people and funding. They didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear and vice versa, but the strength is that we have always listened to each other and made the best decision and I’m pleased to say that things are looking good."
CEO, Infinity Wireless
Advice and contacts

"We had a few sources of seed capital we could have turned to. What attracted us to Boundary was the alignment of the Venturer with the money and our business. Helpful informal advice and contacts have been valuable too along the way."
CEO, Desktop Genetics


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    Desktop Genetics

    – Desktop Genetics –

    Disruptive genome editing software.