The Impact EIS Fund represents an opportunity to invest into high-growth, high-impact private technology companies that focus on enriching people’s lives. The Fund will benefit from a diversified, unique portfolio, EIS tax reliefs, and an experienced management team with a proven track record.

Economic advantage and Impact are now intrinsically linked.

From Boundary Capital’s point of view, real impact involves long-term structural change i.e. new processes, new products, new ways of doing things and potentially new markets. For this reason, it focuses only on business-to-business (“B2B”) technologies that have a positive impact on the way we live our lives. These include:

  • Life science technologies that are focused around long-term health and particularly around increasing and sustaining quality of life for all
  • Engineering innovations that assist humans to build and curate a more sustainable environment, lowering pollution and carbon footprints
  • Software and data science innovations that empower and democratise skills and knowledge for the benefit of all

Fund administration & custody is provided by the Receiving Agent and Custodian, Woodside Corporate Services Limited. You can access their T&Cs here.

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AngelPlus Fund

Our AngelPlus fund is an evergreen fund available for EIS relief. The fund facilitates access to technology and high growth with some discretion for investors for ‘supervised crowdfunding’.

Key Features

  • ‘Venturer’ model: The co-investment, within the companies that the Fund invests in, by experienced executives with appropriate sector expertise, who take a seat on the Board and help to validate pre-investment and support post-investment;
  • Co-Investment Opportunities: Where it is able, and considers appropriate, the Fund will allocate some room in its proposed investments for discretionary co-investment from its investors. It will inform these opportunities to its investors with a timeframe and will allocate pro-rata to holdings (If investors do not want this feature they can opt-out in at the Application stage or anytime thereafter).

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Custodian Terms & Conditions

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Our ‘Venturer’ model means that we find executives with appropriate sector expertise, who are able to provide support and connections to the management team. The Venturer also invests in the business, thus aligning all stakeholders. We engage with Venturers as soon possible in the process so help us and the management of the business to assess the fit.

  • This fund is only available to High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors. If you are a potential investor, please read our legal notice here before proceeding:

  • Read the Disclaimer


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