Managing Partner Dan Somers talks to Asset Digest about how Investors no longer want to be associated with or contributing to companies that may harm society, on the wrong side of new sustainability guidelines or going against popular consumer views and trends.

This is where impact technologies come in. Impact technologies are those which provide a meaningful benefit to people’s lives directly or indirectly. This might be improvements in batteries and Electric Vehicle (“EV”) technology to reduce environmental pollution, improvements in drugs and medical devices which improve life quality, or AI which helps to empower ordinary citizens to take decisions and improve their skills and productivity. It is only changes in the ways we do things that can have a meaningful impact and with a viable approach to economic sustainability too.

Rather than investing in ESG public companies or impactful businesses, our Impact Life Fund focuses on investing in early-stage private B2B technology companies that have the potential to enable and transform markets to make the most impact.

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